Sunday, April 25, 2010

wolverine left his mark with us today

in the form of a cute (can I say that about wolverine?) birthday present for a little boy we know who is slightly obsessed by him...given his name is logan i can kinda understand why lol. i am also trying to keep to my nyr of trying to make as many of the kid's birthday presents as i can out of what i have already-a cost cutting exercise you might say and also trying to show other people that you can make kids presents cheaply even if they take a lot of time ...some times... this present however was easy and cheap... it consists of a formula can turned into a money box a colouring in book (i will have to buy the crayons lol) and a card all festooned grandly with wolverine for the money box i cut out the slit from the formula lid and added wolverine colours to it. i also got a few images of him off the www and printed a strip of those out and added them. i plan to add some gold coin choclates to the can...hehehehe...some fake money to eat is just as good as the real stuff lol the card was a punch art wolverine (i wonder how many people will put that into google and come here-please say if you do lol) with a embossed silver bakground that is supposed to look like wolverine has sliced it up. the colouring in book has printed images from the www attached to a card with a storage flap in the inside for the crayons. outside are some wolverine images punched out with the star punch just hope he likes his wolverine inspired party gifts

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