Thursday, July 22, 2010

there were jaws!

my daughter got invited to a party this week it had an underwater theme to it and the invite had an enormous picture of a shark with big sharp teeth! so hence my inspiration for this birthday present.
here is the card. i used a sweet treats cup filled with white chocolate drops (aka fish food). the bubbles were done with my trusty cropadile
i covered a block of a large smartie chocolate block with matching shark paper
the main present was suggested by my daughter so the recipient could have a place to hide all his small things from his newly acquired baby sister! so i made some drawers with a shark scene on the top. the sharks are stuck to clear acetate here's hoping he gets some use out of it before his sister eats it lol cheers ears


Anonymous said...

Love it! Love the new look blog too!

valita said...

these are so cute! a very creative mind!! Valita :)

Kylie-Jo said...

That is such a brilliant idea!! did they love it or what. Thanks for sharing.