Monday, October 11, 2010

can you do the can can!!!

 Oh can you do the Can Can?
If you can then I can
I can Can Can if you Can Can
Can you Can Can

can you tell today's blog is about cans? lol
formula cans are my favourite 
but ye olde tinned peaches can is ok too followed quite closely by the unusualness of the tuna can
weirdo huh?!

anyhows here are a selection of my recycled cans in all their glory and for the record
no i did not rob any ribbon makers to make these beauties!

 old formula can dolled up with a matching baby card
 thanks to my trusty tupperware can openeer 
i was able to keep the top off this can and convert it to a lid
 this can had a package of matching thank you cards in it
 this old tuna can did too
 tinned peaches can
another formula can with matching gift card

these cans are a great way to give presents in and being the try hard urban hippy that i am i love turning something that could be land fill into something useful again

cheers ears

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Christine T said...

These are fantastic!!! I did formula tins for my last class, they look great and everyone does something different!