Thursday, October 14, 2010

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. Epictetus

i love being surrounded by crafty stuff.
i enjoyed reading crafty blogs, books and magazines.
most of all, i love being around crafty people-they inspire, uplift 
and generally make my life an awesome place to be.

today i am going to share 2 different things that inspire me to create and make stuff.

firstly i'd like to introduce you to michelle dyson.
she is my upline, my mum and my friend.
she constantly inspires me with her ideas, her work ethic and her attitude.
i felt very loved to be given a cherry on top award by her
now i have to share 3 things about me
fact #1  my favourite colour is orange 
fact #2 i got proposed to by the love of my life steve on top of the eiffel tower
fact #3 i love bubble baths

now for 5 blogs that inspire me

there are many others but these ladies have to be my favourites :>

another site that inspires me is
each week a movie is picked to inspire you to create something...
a fantastically novel idea to get your creative mojo going i think!

this week (challenge #98) was dead poets society
one of my all time favourite movies which still makes me want to randomly cry 
"my captain! my captain!" 
in crowded shopping malls 
(but i don't cos i am a wuss!lol)

 anways here is my take on that challenge...
a mini album using the inspired by nature stamp set
loads of glorious ink all over a wooden board book
a suede-look flower with a felt middle
copious amounts of hoarded ribbon and
some ephrema (sp?) found rummaging through a local op shop

here's a close up of the cover.
isn't that butterfly cool?!

that's me for today.
i am busy making stuff for the mater dei school fair.
if you are out my way come and say hi

cheers ears


Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous! And thanks so much for the Cherry on Top award - you made me blush!

Crafty Cow said...

you are truely deserving of it dani! i love your work :>

Kathy Bradley said...

Oh my gosh, Clare, I'm so excited - an award for my little blog!! I am doing the happy dance right now - I've never received an award!! Thank you so very much - and I am so glad you received the award. Your blog is so inspirational - not just because of all the wonderful crafty and beautiful cards and items - but because you are always including your family in the fun. Again, thank you so, so much!

Maureen said...

so all the fun details on your card :)

Nancy K said...

What a neat album! Love the set and colors you used, and WOW! That flower with the felt center is gorgeous!!

Sandy Ang said...

Wow what great projects !