Monday, January 10, 2011

trying to be organised

 part of my new years resolutions is to be more organised
so i decided to sort through my craft space

 i have to share a space with my lovely hubby in our study and have a wall all to myself.
my wall is where an old unused fireplace is and my table juts up against it and i have the mantlepeice as a shelf. next to it are some bookshelves and a storage unit with the computer on it.
 here's my storage unit i salvaged from the local council clean up. i got a peice of shelving from bunnings and cut it to fit in the corner. My computer sits on top of it along with a mug holder (made by moi in year 7 lol) with ribbon on it, and some containers for odds and ends. In the drawers hide my computer keyboard and mouse, recent projects, craft mat, and my sketch pads and pastels.
 this is my new filing cabinet for my stampin up card stock and papers. i picked it up from reverse garbage (man what a cool place that is!!!) and it fits right under my desk.

 here's my table...this will be the only time it will ever be this tidy again lmao!!!
on the table from left to right are some ikea storage drawers for various stuff, my retired ink pads, misc non-su embellishmentsand new flat punches,current ink pads, su-only embellishments.
above that are my old style su punches on towel rails from bunnings.
on the mantle peice are square glass storage jars with my collection of ribbons (i lurve ribbon!!!) and various other things like wire, glitter, pens etc
then above that on my hanging shelves are my box of stickers, rub-ons and chip board, wheel stamps, and various projects and ideas and inspiration.
i like to have everything within easy reach so hence why i have decided to store things this way.

 on my left is my very cool mobile storage unit from ikea. 
it holds my big shot, scorpal, circle scissors, magazines, non-su cards/papers, pencils and general stationery
 i have a shelf behind it with all the photos i need to scrap (hahahahaha rofl), fimo and tools, general stationery, brushes, heat tool, glue gun,stamp sets, and office supplies

so that's it for now...and some more money (hahah in my dreams) i will transform this space into soemthing more magnificent but for now it will do. the anal part of me wants matchy matchy storage boxes rofl and i am thinking that i will get some each week and add to my supply....i quite like the canvas boxes from sam's warehouse and they are nice and cheap and cool too :>

cheers ears


Carolyn said...

Love seeing your craftspace Clare. very tactile and easy to access everything. I too cleaned out my study I may have some stuff for you I will check what I am turfing see if youd like it. Caz x

Kim Tonnet said...

Wow, very tidy. Puts mine to shame :( Hope to NZ trip went well, glad to see you back blogging. Luv KimT