Saturday, February 12, 2011


spots spots spots
of the sticky variety thankfully!

my 3 year old took to her little sister with a packet of coloured dots i had left lying in an easy to reach place
you know the kind...
where you have to climb on top of a chair 
and then a table 
and then reach over 
and into a box 
with a lid on it!!! 
and then hide yourself 
and your sister 
under your bed to put said stickers on...
after you have left a spotty trail all around the house first
the joys of motherhood huh!

so, of course, i had to take photographic evidence and scrap it all didn't i?!!!!

 i used the retired pink flamingo paper with the spots all on it,
some chipboard (spotty of course!),
a chunky retired eyelet, 
and my scallop square die.
oh and many dimensionals and dst!!!!!

have you ever had a similar experience?
feel free to share!

cheers ears

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