Saturday, March 19, 2011

building a wall

recently i needed a brick wall design for a card and was a bit flummoxed about how to do it
i looked through all my suitable stamps and some were suitable 
like playful pieces (good if you want nice straight organised bricks)
or circle circus (if you want a small area done)
buit none had that higgledy piggledy look i was after.

so i pondered

and i came up with this!

i decided to make my own stamp using those leftover bits of stamp from when you punch out the cool bits....and you wonder if they are useful and should you keep them or not?!!!
the whole reuse, recycle thing yanno?!
personally i quite like using them as dimensionals
but i digress lol

here's a quick tutorial on how to make a brick wall
a la stampin up!
 grab an ice block stick and your left overs

 cut up the edge into little bits and stick them to your ice block stick
random is quite good 
then stramp!
i used a combo of tangerine and choc chip here and did a couple of layers

hope that was useful

cheers ears

ps pop in soon to see what i made with my brick walls


Anonymous said...

Cool idea for using the extra rubber

Anonymous said...

totally figure out a way to make wood grain the same way please.....(I'm challenged that way.) and of course, I just finished mounting all my new Sale a bration sets last week and threw away the leftovers.....RATS! Pansy