Thursday, March 24, 2011

easter bunny

easter for christians is a significant event in their religious year.

for us as non-church goers it is the time of the year 
to get all confused over bunnies in eggs and zombie jesus and 
discuss the relative worth of dark chocolate over white chocolate

so this month finds me making an easter card for my essential baby card swap group
using the joy fold technique to keep us on our toes

 remember the brick wall i showed a while a go?
well this is what i was using it for!
my punch art rabbit is sitting on it.
punches used were the owl punch (face, nose, cheeks)
heart to heart punch (ears, paws, teeth(thanks ellen kemper for that idea!))
trio flower punch,
scallop edge
 open it up and the first page shows the bunny's bum <<snigger snigger he he>>
word window, 13/8" circle and trio flower
with the sentiment from the best yet set
the grass is there to help stop the card from opening of it's own accord.
on the final page is just some simple card to write stuff on!

hope my friends at essential baby like them
feel free to join us in a card making swap for next month!!

cheers ears

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Rhonda said...

OMG cute..