Tuesday, July 19, 2011

complete utter meltdown

i love capturing THAT moment with photos
especially a tantrum
and given that i have 4 kids 
and that i am the meanest mother in the entire universe
i get them
on a regular basis
so imagine my delight when one gets caught on camera
for prosperity
(oh my is that wrong of me??)

 so i used some cool paper i have had for absolutely AGES 
that i have never thought about using until now. 
it comes already with the sewn bits in around the circles and
 fitted in with the colour scheme of the photos so well :>
i also used a whole pile of brads too !
and check out the very cool little alien chipboard
i originally bought him pre-su demo days as a card topper and never got around to using him...
he fits in perfectly with the page

oh and what was she having a tantee about?
her hat
it broke
and she wanted everyone else to take theirs off and give them to her
and hence the meltdown

cheers ears


michelle said...

love it...kids are so funny when they are at their grumpiest!!
its udder chaos!!!

Michelle said...

That's hilarious! And, no, you're not the meanest mummy in the whole world, that's ME! Apparently :)
Get used to it kids, I'm the parent. When you're the parent, you can make the rules :P
xx michelle (AKA Clare's mummy)