Saturday, October 22, 2011

if you have ever seen me knit...

 you would just completely pee yourself!!
i am officially the world's worst knitter.
i am sooo bad that the scarf i started last winter got finished just in time for summer 
and it was in fact a triangle by the time i was finished with it...

so why oh sweet why would someone like me buy the hand knitted stamp set from stampin up???????

because the stamp set is cool...and it has a sheep in it
(and i am from nz and we love our sheep...bwahahahahahaha or should i say baaahaaahaaa)
and i have several knitty friends who desperately need cool tags and cards to go with their knitted items

 a box of small gift cards and tags
 a old storage container now used for a tag gift box
a gift box for small cards and tags

these are for sale at campbelltown craft cottage
pop on in and say hi!

cheers ears

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