Wednesday, October 19, 2011

flower fairy

miss 3 turns four next month so i am getting in early for her birthday card 
because knowing me i will forget about it 
and be up doing it the night before with pink sticky cake icing all over my fingers...
you know how it is!!!
 my fairy card was made using the blossoms petal builder.
i used it 'normally' for the flower building up the petals on the flower from 
the different petals you can punch out. 
i also used it to make the fairy with her dress and wings
 the fairy's dress was made from 2 of the large petals with some scoring and sponging to give it definition. her wings were made from the rest of the petals and they were scored and sponged too. i added some arms and hair using the bird punch and the 1/2" circle for her head.
and of course, i added the obligatory fairy glitter to her :>
 the flower was very simple to do.
i just punched out 6 shapes out of pink pirouette card.
then i scored the lines into each petal and then sponged with melon.
again i had to add an obligatory pearl and glitter to that so it didn't look plain next to the fairy....
excuses excuses...i know...who needs excuses for bling right?!!      
after all, the recipient is a four year girly girl lol who i know her first reaction will be "oooo sparkley"                 
this card was an easel card so i added some much needed ribbon to the end as i had run out of room...cough cough...ahem....on the card...and it still needed 'something'.

so hopefully you will get another use out of your blossom petal punch from that!!

cheers ears


Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

I just love seeing your name in my dashboard. You always have exciting different things to see and this is SOOOOOO cute! Love the way you built that flower up. Looks amazing. x

Kim Downton said...

This is so so beautiful, any little princess would just love it. You have done such a fantastic job and I'm sure your Neally Miss 4 will love it as well. Thanks for sharing

Debbie said...

What a unique use of the punches...especially the arms!
Love all the glitter and I bet Miss4 will also.

valita said...

Beautiful!! :)