Sunday, October 2, 2011

pirates and princesses

man oh man have i been a busy camper
being a fulltime working mum sure puts a dent in my crafting time
sure the money is great
and the adult interaction and professional development is awesome
but i miss my kids
and i am missing my me time
hence why the blog posts have been few and far between campers
sorry about that!

anyways here is what i have been up to
i have been making up some paper pictures using punches for kids rooms
 with the pirate i have used the tasteful trim die to make the waves and the leaves are from the leaves die. the boat was taken from a picture from a colouring in book. 
pirate pete can be made from this tutorial 
the princess was also made suing the tasteful trim die for the grass. i also used the pennant punch, ornament punch and bird punch amongst others for her body. the castle was made using word windows and i added some cute buttons for flowers.

hope this inspires you with making something for your pirate or princess :>

cheers ears


sally said...

Clare they are great. Love the pirate one :D

Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

These are so great! Love the pirate one. The characters looks so cute. x

michelle said...

i love the pirate one...where did you get the pirate ribbon?
i thought i had left a comment to say how great these are but now i think i need a sleep!! lol
the princess is adorable...i bet the kids love them!

Michelle said...

These are typically Clare-some!
You clever chook you! And I hear ya on the cramped crafting time. Here I sit, in a room chock full of stamping goodness, at a computer writing about metamemory and dyslexia...
xx michelle