Thursday, November 17, 2011

how to make a dora cake

so last night at 7pm
just as she is heading for bed
miss almost 4 asks me if i can make her a cake for school
"a dora cake peeese mummy"
those big eyes looking soulfully at me i cannot resist
but given food shopping day is the next day 
and i am home alone with the 4 kids it is not like i can zip out to the shops for stuff
so this is what went down instead
i am sorry if you came here for an insightful blog post about making an awesome cake
if anything i will possibly make a post at cake wrecks...who knows?
 anyways here is what i made with very little ingredients and virtually no time
an egg free chocolate cake
egg free cos there were none not because of allergies i might add!! lol
i added grated apple instead-hope it will work.
miss wanted 'lellow' icing, sprinkles, pink lollies, candles, a  happy birthday to me, and dora.
my printer is not working at the moment 
so i attacked a tissue box and stuck a kebab stick on dora's head rofl
she went to bed as it was cooking
when she woke up this morning i heard the screams of delight
thank goodness miss 4 has such awesome expectations of what she wants
for her the cake was perfect
me, on the other hand...

cheers ears

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Ellen said...

Bet your little munchkin love this yummy lellow cake!!