Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the dinosaur cave

now given my last post was about the girl's bedroom it seems only fair to note that my son also got his dream room too for the same budget

my son wanted a dinosaur cave with a tree in it

simple huh?!

the entrance to his cave is a hessian sack cut into strips and stapled to the door frame
 the tree was made using the tubing from the fabric used in the girl's room and we painted it brown. then i went into our garden and scrounged around the branches that had been chopped off a couple of our trees and poked them into the tube and also added some to the side. the tree is also in the process of getting leaves made from leaves cut out of fabric and threaded through some thin wire and wrapped around the branches.
 the purple spotted dinosaur was made from corrugated card and so was the cave walls. i also added some fake grass by the tree.
 we also found this fab sign made from polystyrene ready to stick on the wall with blu-tak
we found a dinosaur duvet cover and pillow case and added some green curtains made from a king size sheet cut in half that we have painted foot prints on to. 
my son bought some great little wooden dinosaur models too that have pride of place on his shelves although his pteradactyl is hanging from the tree:>

corrugated card x 3 $4.50
paint $6
hessian sack $1
sign $2
sheet $2
duvet $4
grass $2
dinosaur models x6 $12
green fabric $2
wire $2

corrugated card

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