Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ask and ye shall receive

my girls recently asked me if they could turn their room into a fairy princess room with pink stuff everywhere and have a castle


but i told them that we only had $50 to spend on it.
they thought that was very cool 
and did the 'can we really spend that much money?' question
gotta love kids and their money sense huh!?
so we went to visit our favourite place reverse garbage 
and our local favourite op-shop
and this is what we came up with
 bedroom door has a lace curtain over it with beaded dangley bits (cut from necklaces) with the spare necklace being used as a tie

 the curtains were made from some bright pink fabric and more lace curtaining stapled and wrapped around the old curtain rail
 new pink fairy castle mat added
castle was made from corrugated cardboard painted pink and attached to beds with ties or staples.
then added and wrapped the rest of the lace curtain around the bunk beds to make it more fairy-ish.
we also added some new fairy duvet covers and pillows.
i have also added some pink cushions from fabric scraps near the book case for the girls to sit on and we still have a mirror we have to paint up and add to the room.

mat $5
corrugated card x3 $4.50
pink curtain fabric $5
duvet covers x 2 $8
necklaces x4 $4
mirror $10
paint $6
lace curtain $5
fabric scraps $2

not bad hey?

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