Thursday, June 7, 2012

live long and prosper

punch art mr spock
it's all the rage here

i'm in a sci fi geeky kind of mood at the moment
can ya tell?
 spock is easy to make
owl punch for his face
5 petal flower punch for his ears
ovals for his hair and shirt
cupcake punch circles for the eyes
leaf from bird punch for his nose

i used my punch art spock to make a gift card for a geek friend.
then i wanted him bigger so i used the largest oval from the oval dies for his head and hair. ears were from a flower die. eyebrows from fancy label punch and eyes were from the owl punch.
this card i made for my hubby who has a good friend leaving work and going on to bigger and brighter things...he is a bit of a geek too so figured this spock card was perfect for him:>

the other card is for a inky friend of mine who's work i admire.
go check out carol's star trek inspiration :>

cheers ears

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