Saturday, October 19, 2013

how to make cookie cutter christmas ornaments

ssshhh christmas is coming
keep calm it is still at lest 2 months away
mwahahahahahahaahahahhahhaah (insert hysterical crafters laugh)

so i have been wanting to make these ornaments for like forever after seeing them on the evil pinterest*
*evil because it wastes so much of my time pining so much pretty cool stuff...sigh....if only pinning was an occupation...sigh....
anyways back to reality
$3 for 8 different metal cookie cutters from the reject shop and some left over dsp and bits and pieces and this is what i came up with
to attach the dsp to the cutters i sued crystal effects. i drew around the cookie cutter with a pencil, cut it out about 1 mm from edge. then added crystal effects and stuck the dsp to the sharp side of the cutter and left them to dry upside down (paper side up if that makes sense?)
then when dry i punched the holes out 
(make sure you do this at this stage because it is REALLY hard to do this once you have decorated them...cough cough...ahem don't ask me how i know...swear words were involved that is all)
i attached buttons etc with glue dots and sued a bit of crystal effects as well.

cheers ears

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