Friday, January 24, 2014

ginga punch art

i love red heads
we call them gingas here in australia
ginger ninjas lol
here is my own special red head
 take a scallop circle punch and punch out 3/4  longways
see photo
you need to have a flat bit left
now attach a bit of sticky note to it so you don't have to faff about trying to get it in the right place back in your punch.
trust me
you sooo don't want to go there
frustrating is an understatement
 take a label punch and slide that punched out bit in so it is just peeking out from underneath
then WALLOP PUNCH it out!

 you will be left with a lovely fringe for your hair
should you want a side part just move the piece over a bit
add a head band using a circle punch and a flower
add eyes and cute mouth and you are all ready to go

cheers ears

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