Saturday, January 25, 2014

how to make a neck for a person using punch art the crafty cow way:>

another scintillating tutorial from me
this time about necks
stand back!!! 
the excitement may be too much for you lmao
 take some skin coloured card scrap
approx 4cm wide
 depending on your person and type of neck get a circle punch
i tend to use the 1" one the most
mainly because it fits the dress up framelit really well
punch a half circle out of one side about 2cm from the bottom of your card
 then turn it around and try and punch a half circle out 
around about the same spot but opposite to your other one. 
don't stress. 
it is not an exact science ;>
 it may or may not look like this.
if you want a skinnier neck then punch a little more.
fat necks need more space between the punches

here is the neck attached to body
trim the bits otherwise she will look like an elf or spock
but then maybe that is the look you are after, if so, leave it lol

cheers ears

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