Thursday, February 20, 2014

supreme dalek birthday

daleks do not take orders
but i do
especially when it involves a 10 year old boy 
who is slightly obsessed by doctor who
this is an updated version of a dalek compared to the old one i did a while back.
this one is bigger and has more details

 i must admit to hardly using any punches-mainly the little circles for it's domes, circle die for it's head and the mosaic punch for it's arm.
the rest is strips of card
 circle upon circle for the domey womey knobbley wobbley bits 
(that's time lord lingo fwiw)
 i also used a bit of silver ink daubered around the edges of stuff to give it a bit of a lift and some depth.
 here's the very simple card front
stamp is from lots of bots-now sadly retired

card from the top
the inside with the dalek saying ce-le-brate, ce-le-brate instead of exterminate
far nicer for the birthday child methinks lol
so that is the card done
now to make the gift
stay tuned :>

cheers ears

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