Thursday, March 13, 2014

i would steal the moon for you

despicable me has to be one of my favourite movies
gru is just as adorable (in a weird freaky super villain kinda way) to those cute little minions he has
i have the word bubble framelits from stampin up and before i buy i needed to justify other uses for them
because word bubbles are cool but...hey...they need to do other stuff as well

so stay tuned for "the other stuff" they do over the next few days

 here is gru with the moon
moon and sky was brayered
sentiment was done via word
 i used mainly the owl punch to do his eyes and ears and his head shape was a word bubble
body was xl oval
arm and hand was owl punch too
the finger was made from punching a tiny side bit off the waistcooat of the owl
see now you can have pointy finger punch art lmao

so stay tuned for more word bubble uses apart from the obvious lol

 free tutorial for gru now here

cheers ears

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