Monday, June 28, 2010

bird on a branch

going to watch the kids swim and do soccer training can make me itchy to do stuff
and i would prefer it not to be of the eating chocolate variety lol
so i take crafty stuff to do
one of the things i did last week was to take the bird punch and some scrap dsp and make these 3d birds from the 2-step bird punch
just make a couple of holes with a cropadile,
make little fans with the dsp
and poke the dsp through the hole
add fishing twine and dangle from a stick!
and it looks really cool
on my dining table
and lasts longer than flowers lol
but sssh don't tell hubby or he will stop bringing me some!
cheers ears


kari said...

Looks fabulous Clare! what a great idea!!!

Carolyn Gibbs said...

Seriously cool sweetie!!! YOu are SO clever!