Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the circus is in town!!

well with 4 kids the circus is ALWAYS in town at my place 
with the little monkeys and acrobats and clowns we have here lol

at a recent inklings retreat 
i was able to sit quietly for a couple of hours and 
concentrate and make something intricate and time consuming.
our challenge was to use a whole heap of colours and i immediately thought of the circus!
 this layout originally started as a card which got too big and got turned into a scrapbooking page which then, because of the lumpy bumpy-ness (yes that is a real word!!)
is now a picture to be framed on a wall!!
 the lion was made using the following punches
a 1"circle (face)
1/2"circles (ears)
word windows (arms, feet)
bird (legs, tail)
owl (ears, tummy, nose)
his mane was made from some exciting new dsp coming out in september 
(which i can't tell you because it is secret squirrel lol) which i have sponged
 the clown was made with the following punches
scallop circle (hair)
xl oval (tummy, pants, straps)
bird (arms, shoes)
1/2" circle (eyes, nose)
 the flag at the top has words from a new secret squirrel dsp 
and the tent is also made from the same secret squirrel new dsp lol
the flags at the side are from a new punch-woohoo!
balloons are from party this way and i have put crystal effects over them and tied twine to them
 the opening at the front was made by gluing together two peices of dsp 
and letting them dry with that fold in them
i have also added a spare peice of card under the tent top to help push it out to 
make it more standy-outy (another real word haahaha)

and you know the coolest thing about this?
i won a prize for it!
thanks to the inklings who voted for me :>
my daughter (the one in the photo) just loves it and now i have a grumpy little brother who is also wanting one...sigh....maybe some time soon when mummy gets the same luxury again :>

cheers ears


Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

LOVE your work. This is so cute. I know how you feel, I recently did a circus tent layout for one son and now the other one wants one... It takes time to get it perfectly standy-outy. LOVE your colours and the lion mane looks HOT!

Michelle said...

And a very well deserved prize it was too - so awesome in real life! Looking forward to framing it for you - maybe you'll have done the other one by the time I get around to it...

xx michelle