Monday, November 7, 2011

pocket card mini album

another idea popped into my head whilst i was making my huge pocket card for a scrapbooking page
what if i made a few of them and used them in a mini album as pages?
et voila!
here we are!
 i used the cheerful treat dsp you can get with your hostess dollars
it is VERY pretty
 here are the pages stuck together with the tab punch and ribbon on the pull out pages

and pretty flower using the flower folds die

so how do i make this you ask-eeeaaasssyyy!
 take 4 pieces of 12x12 dsp, cut in half and fold in half.
cut off about 5cm from one end.
stick tape on sides and stick together

 use craopadile to punch holes along bottom
 add strip to top of shortest flap.
 add flowers to each page
make cover using a 30x17cm piece of paper.
cut in half and add to a 7cm strip of card which has been folded at 3cm and 4cm
decorate cover-i used flowers and lace ribbon border punch.
attach all the pages together with twine and stick to inside of cover with sticky strip
cut out an A4 piece of card into 4.
add a tab punch and ribbon to these and use these for your journalling and photos

clear as mud?
good :P
feel free to ask any questions given how awesome my intructions usually are rofl

cheers ears

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