Friday, March 23, 2012

angry birds birthday invitations

my son's latest 'thing' is angry birds.
it is a strangely satisfying game that can become quite addictive...not that i am or anything....<<sheepish look>>
go here if you want to know what i am talking about :>

anyways it is his birthday next month so we have started the party planning that is his birthday
he wants an angry birds party
(please note it was going to be a lego party but he luckily changed his mind JUST before i started making his invites lol)

this is what he got
 i used several punches and added a paper clip to the back so it would attach to the fridge.
now i took ages fiddling around with punches to get this guy 
and then lo and behold after i had made him i found this
so go and support kylie for the instructions as i wont be posting them up-ok?
i did use the inviting stamp set for the invite. 
the clear stamp of these is definately the way to go as you can add all the elements you want onto the clear block and put them where you want
now all i have to do is make the cake...sigh...
you should see what he has in store for me rofl

cheers ears

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Kylie-Jo said...

So sweet of you to link to my blog!!! Thanks for the support. Your angry birds look fantastic.