Thursday, March 22, 2012

home made easter crayons

this was super dooper easy!

i pilfered all the broken and dodgey crayons from my kids pencil box and sorted them into colours into a muffin tin
then i put the crayons of the same colour into a plastic bag and smashed them into teeny tiny bits with a hammer!!! 
now most tutorials i have read about making these crayons say to use a knife and cut them into pea sized shapes-please please don't do it to yourself!! it will drive you mental and destroy a perfectly good knife :>
my way is far more therapeutic and the kids can do it too :>
 then put the bits into moulds of your choice-enough so they are not quite over flowing-does that make sense?
i grabbed some $2 easter egg silicone moulds and used them for this project but i must admit i am eyeing up my santa claus ice cube trays for xmas ones :>
place in your oven in a pyrex dish or metal tray that is about the size of your moulds. heat the oven to about 150c and leave in for between 10-15 mins. when you take them out give them a bit of a stir with a tooth pick or something similar to stir them up a bit. then place them, tray and all, into the freezer for about 10 mins. 
after 10 mins take them out and they should be hard enough to pop out and look like these. if they crack or break just place them back into the mould and re-melt them :>
how cool is that?!

cheers ears

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